Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Familias Separadas Highlighted in Open Source

I am pleased to share that "Familias Separadas" will be highlighted in the Open Source project led by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

I am creating a total of five large-scale artworks that will be placed throughout the city. Each temporary work of art will either be digitally produced or created using large-scale stencils depicting portraits, images, and text based on the personal stories she collected.

I wanted to shift the focus from the statistics and numbers of people that have been deported and have others see the individual father, mother, or brother who has been torn apart from their families.

The temporary image that will eventually fade reflects the fading presence of the person who has been deported. I want to bring the stories of the deported back to the places where they worked, dreamed, and loved, and I want others to see the humanity that lies there.

My project is a series of five temporary site-specific public art works, in various locations around Philadelphia, beginning with vinyl installations on the ground at the compass at the City Hall Courtyard and in Love Park. I am one of fourteen artists who have been or will be creating works as part of the Open Source exhibition. The Open Source outdoor exhibition will culminate in a month-long celebration in October 2015.

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