Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SITE 1- City Hall

Site 1- Familias Separadas/ Eres Mi Todo (You Are My Everything)
Location: City Hall Courtyard, Broad Street and JFK Blvd, Philadelphia

The artwork depicts the portrait of Maria and her daughter. The compass serves as a symbol of migration and it's connection to immigrant families searching for a better life and direction for their families. "Eres Mi Todo" (You are my everything) are the handwritten words from a letter sent by Jose, Maria's husband.

Maria's husband lived in Philadelphia and was deported. He attempted to cross the border again to be reunited with his family. He was caught by ICE in Texas and now has 6 months left to his 3 year jail sentence in California. Once his sentence is over, he will be sent back to Mexico. Maria continues to live in Philadelphia and has five children that she is taking care of. She speaks about the difficulty of making the decision to stay or leave to Mexico to be reunited with her husband.


María: …And it’s something very difficult because I can’t return [to my country] and leave a part of me here. Also… [I can’t] return to be with my husband and the children… because it’s very difficult. And, my husband José knows this well, and he is clear about it because he told me that sometimes he thinks that we will not be together again, our children will split us apart.

And, he has told me that it doesn’t matter, if I don’t return, it doesn’t matter. I can stay here because he knows very well that my other kids, they are older and they don’t want to come back [to Mexico.].

And he says to me, “So, it is a decision that you should take: Your children or me. And it is very clear that you are not gonna leave behind your children. And you will be always with them,” he says. “So, I am left out.” Now this is how it is. “Make the right decision.”

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  1. This place is stunning. The architecture is beautiful and the decoration is spectacular. Environment was transparent and resonant and warm and immediate. I loved these New York event venues and my experience here was very exciting.